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Idiots and Conspiracy Theories

February 24, 2011

I’m listening to a ridiculous presentation reviewing the format for citations for my college thesis… beyond the piece of paper they handed out, I am finding it a waste of time.

However, one of the wholly blind, wholly arrogant tenured professors mentioned how the German Defense Minister is now facing calls for his resignation because a PhD dissertation he wrote a decade earlier was improperly cited. (  Thus we better be careful how we use our citations or it may bite us in the ass when we are in a position of power and influence.

So academic plagiarism justifies the loss of a ministerial post? Over the last decade there is irrefutable public evidence of war crimes committed by ministers and presidents that are then given book deals, high profile consultancies, even greater influence on the revolving government doors.  These cretons face no prison time and instead are promoted to continue the promotion of such crimes.  If it is so hard to achieve justice for such transgressions, what could be behind the attack of this man’s credibility?  What is he promoting that may contribute to this media smear?

I did a simple Google search: german defense minister guttenberg views on nato

And what did I come up with?  Well, ideas that obviously escaped the tenured professor’s bonafide mind.

It just happens that German Defense Minister Guttenberg announced plans to cut German funding for NATO a short time before he was publicly accused as being a cheater.  The Head of NATO, Secretary General Rasmussen, argued that these cuts could paralyze NATO operations while undermining strategic objectives in the world.  Someone like me, who has legitimate suspicions of how NATO is being groomed as the world army, is quite critical of NATO’s history of collateral damage and its long term strategic objectives.

Such a stance by such an important NATO ally in Germany is a potential game changer.  Without Germany, NATO cannot achieve its mission.  Without Germany, the European Union collapses.  The preservation of the march toward the globalization friendly one world government is dependent on smothering any German notion of exercising its Sovereignty.  And Germany could serve as a leading nationalist influence that could give other nations ideas about their own Sovereignty

Citizens have seen unlimited public credit diverted to bailing out banks and are now told that we are bankrupt and thus have no more money for services and public works.  Instead, we better get use to living with less, permanent high unemployment, riots, generational austerity, a permanent police state.

Governments that are now facing bankruptcy and are thus going to the same banks that were bailed out by public loans to then grovel and beg for high interest, short term loans in exchange for structural adjustment programs, a la IMF style, cuts to public services, de-funding of investments to public infrastructure, privatization and the selling off of public assets like roads and bridges for fire sale prices, and of course more deregulation.

Meanwhile, the military industrial/intelligence/security/media/financial complex known as Babylon continue to get unlimited resources to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone, the future, and ultimately civilization.

So here is a German Minister that states the obvious, “enough is enough.  We neither think NATO is a wise investment nor do we think it is doing its job to secure peace in the world.  Instead, Germany is doing the dirty work under the cover of international solidarity.”

And most importantly, there is also that whole morality thing about occupying other countries, killing civilians and (gasp) impractically breeding the extremist who use asymmetrical warfare known as terrorism.  An uppity Afghan governor is yet another person complaining about NATO transgressions when 64 civilians were killed by NATO air strikes k (30 children, 20 women).  But don’t worry, NATO is investigating. (

Returning to the professor, speaking in her pompous articulation conjuring an air of competence in discussing the German Defense Minister while being obviously oblivious to such a consideration that the accusation of plagiarism may be politically motivated.  Such considerations would have to open up space for the possibility of dirty machinations and conspiracies.

And as all idiots know, every conspiracy is a theory.

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